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Twin Centre Holidays in Cuba.

Holidays in Cuba

Twin centre holidays in Cuba are together with Multicentre holidays the most requested holiday deals by clients who plan their holiday not only to Havana but to other Cuban relaxing resorts.
It is common to receive request for Twin Centre Holidays in Cuba or multicentre deals between Havana or Cayo Coco and other holiday resort,we have prepared several multicentre holiday and Twin Centre offers in Cuba so feel free to request a quote or information for any of the following:

If you need any other combination, just let us know, we will arrange to provide all the services; accommodation, transfers and flights. You like things to go smoothly and simple, Cuba Destino Caribe too, so this is the right choice.

Havana - Varadero

Varadero is the perfect combination with Havana to form one of the most demanded twin centre holidays in Cuba, our visitor interested in enjoying a two centre resorts holidays can be sure that this holiday package offer is one of the best, the charms of Havana City, the history kept in its museums and the unusual perfect combination of its colonial buildings with the eclectic desire of architects that designed the rest of the city’s most important and beautiful buildings is perfectly mixed with the magnificent Varadero Beach All inclusive Resorts, where the sun always shines and the customer just enjoys.

Havana - Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is a place surrounded by mountains, where the sun strikes the hardest and its people is the warmest; imagine the heat of the noon and the fresh flavor of a cocktail killing someone’s thirst. Imagine rumba, carnivals, hospitality, rum…Imagine the Caribbean; imagine everything concentrated in one place. Imagine you enjoying all this, and if those charms of that Caribbean city are then combined in a two centre holiday package with Havana, where you will find the culture and the history that will take you back to the times in which a cannon was shot from a fortress to indicate that the doors to the walls that enclosed the city were about to close, then, that is a perfect two resorts combination that we can offer to our visitors. Domestic flights between Havana and Santiago de Cuba are provided as well as hotel and airport transfers.

Havana - Guadalavaca

A few places can perfectly combine the beauties of the beach with the magnificence of the coastal wild forest. Guardalavaca is one of these places having several All inclusive resorts it is a place where the sun wakes you up every day and invites the visitor to enjoy the marvelous waters of the warm Cuban Atlantic Ocean, it sounds like a dream or poetry but this is a real place in where the green of the forest and the blue of the ocean live together in an unusual harmony. To make your holiday package even more exiting we have put together a twin centre holiday offer including Havana for you to take advantage of this guaranteed opportunity of enjoying the life in the Cuban Capital. Internal flights Havana to Holguin are provided as well as transfers from airport to hotels.

Havana - Cayo Santa Maria

Because you must take a look to Havana, the capital city of Cuba founded in 1519 and enjoy its squares, museums and streets as well as its night life, and because Cayo Santa Maria is one of those places for a quiet holiday, away from the noisy cities and the streets caused by big grey concrete cities is that this two centre holiday in Cuba is popular amongst our visitors, it is a superb colourful two centres package arranged always thinking of your needs to combine the colonial History and the nature privileged beaches at Cayo Santa Maria all inclusive beach resorts. This package is recommended for honeymooners and people who love quiet vacation resorts.

Havana - Cayo Largo

Havana, being the capital city of Cuba, is one of those must see cities in the Caribbean and if combined in a twin centre holiday package then the result is a very attractive holiday offer where the Cuban culture and history is enjoyed in Havana and the beach resort in Cayo Largo, the small offshore island with white sands that will make you truly believe that when Eden was created it was based on the beauty of Cayo Largo del Sur. This two centre holiday package is one of the best choices that a customer can take in Cuba.Transfers in Havana and Cayo Largo are provided as well as accommodation in both resorts and of course , the internal round trip flight.

Havana - Cayo Coco

This Twin Centre Holiday is a great holiday offer for a person looking for a two resorts package in Cuba. Either starting in Havana or Cayo Coco, an internal flight to or from Cayo Coco or Havana will guarantee the connection between the two resorts. In Havana holidays are be based in a mixture of history and culture while in Cayo Coco you will find the perfect complement to your twin centre holiday in Cuba in a all inclusive resort, a place where the flamingos and the wild vegetation coexist with a peculiar road paved through the ocean to take you to a paradise island of Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo. Transfers and domestic flights are included as well as accommodation in the two resorts, Cayo Coco and Havana. Do not miss the opportunity of enjoying one of the best holiday offers in Cuba.

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