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Cars can be received and dropped off as per selected by the customers at any major international airport, hotel or city in Cuba. We remind that there is a fee from receiving and delivering the cars at airports and also there is a drop off fee for returning the car in an office or place different from where originally received. It is important to ask if there is any drop off fee in your rental if you plan to return the car in a different office or province.

Drivers will be required for their passports and a valid driver license to rent a car in Cuba, with those documents a Rental Contract will be filled up by the car rental office employee, in the contract several details of the car status, will be stated as well as the names and details of the persons authorized to drive it ( a non authorized driver will be fined if detected)
The contract must be shown to the police if requested or to the Transtur inspectors and authorities whenever any operation in workshops or Transtur offices is made. In case of any traffic violation, the acting police office will write the details and the amount of the fine to be paid by the customer and then it must be paid to the rental office.
There is a fee to be paid (CUC 100.00) if the contract is lost or damaged in any from.

A daily insurance is paid at the rental office at the time of picking the car up, the amount vary depending on the car category and of course this insurance coverage will be explained to the customer during the contact process.
The insurance amount is calculated per day paid and basically the customer if the will cover any damage to a third party, a partial o total damage to the car providing that at the time of the inc incident that caused the damage, the customer reports it to the local police and gets a report from them, it is imperative to produce this police statement or a report from the Transtur inspectors to consider the customer not liable for the damage. Transtur has a 24 hours emergency line in Havana which can be used to report any significant event that involve their cars, the numbers are + 53 7 838 3995 and +53 7 8383996. The insurance paid will not cover if any of the following parts is damaged, lost or stolen: plate, tire including the wheel or ring, radio or CD player and car key. The items not covered will be charged as per the costs in the Transtur pricing chart.

As per information we have received from the Transtur rental offices, a police agent is not entitled or authorized to receive or collect any payment from any person when a traffic violation is detected and the driver is notified or given a ticket. The acting police agent must first inform the driver the violation he incurred in, the type of violation and the amount involving this violation, the agent must request the contract and write down on it the his/her badge number, the place where the violation took place, that name of the driver who committed the violation (in case there is more than one driver within a contract) and the amount of money to be paid as penalty or fine for the traffic violation. The fine is to be paid at the Transtur rental office at the time of returning the car.
If a driver is detected in the use of the car under the influence of alcohol or any drugs that may affect the correct driving of the vehicle, then is conducted to the police station and to a hospital to take the necessary tests to proof the capability or capacity to drive a car, if decided that the driver is over the limits accepted by law, then the car is impounded and Transtur keeps the deposit and the rest of the funds paid for the remaining days of rent.
We hope the above information is useful for those planning to rent a car and enjoy their holidays in Cuba.
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  1. You can sometimes fight a traffic ticket, but it can be an involved process. ... ticket because the court system often appears stacked in favor of the police department Violations which would only result in fines or penalty points on a driver's

  2. We agree on your comment, you can find more information about Cuba at our website on http://www.cubadestinocaribe.com



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